Conscious Culture Festival is a unique initiative, envisioned to champion Sustainable prosperity by shaping a culture that provides a new positive vision for the future.
Future Collective

A pioneering fashion choreographer and commentator, Vidyun Singh has been closely involved in fashion and design since the inception of the Indian fashion industry. She has given direction to, and benchmarked the presentation of Indian design on national and international platforms. She has also been an advisor on the National Design Policy panel and Handloom Board.⁣⁣

Currently, Vidyun Singh is Director Programmes, Habitat World, India Habitat Centre. Heading the Programmes Department since its start in 1997, she has worked extensively in the programming of performing and fine arts events. She has curated multiple theatre and film festivals, as well as fashion and art exhibitions over the years.⁣⁣

Roma Narsinghani
Future Collective

A concept jewellery designer by profession, each unique piece in her collection is always handcrafted by highly skilled and dedicated artisans. Traditional craftsmanship is infused into all the pieces and every item in the collection echoes the love and hard work of the hands that made it by using⁣⁣ techniques handed down through generations.⁣⁣

Declared the winner of Sustainable Design Award by FAD International and Helsinki Fashion⁣⁣ Week in 2019, the Roma Narsinghani brand is dedicated to using the most environmentally friendly materials and processes at every stage of production, starting from using recycled brass as base material for all the pieces till the finished product.⁣⁣ She is now taking her mission to create a conscious culture to an even wider audience through Future Collective.⁣

Aliya Curmally
Sustainability Head
Future Collective

Aliya Curmally is a writer and producer who has 18 years of experience in the Indian Entertainment Industry. She has experience creating content and IP across all formats - feature films, web series, theatre, documentaries, music videos, ad films, and events. In 2013 she began to champion environmental causes and ran a zero-waste crafts-based retail business called Soul Makes for two years. She then volunteered with the global NGO Fashion Revolution for 7 years, running their successful annual sustainable fashion campaign “Who Made My Clothes?” as well as several other projects in circular economy and environmental literacy. She holds a Certificate from the Sustainable Development Goals School run by Makers Asylum, UNESCO, and Grenoble INP - UGA, and a degree in the Growth and Structure of Cities from Bryn Mawr College, Pennsylvania.